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Geo consult

            GeoConsult is the Geo-Technology Wing of the World Engineers Corporation Group. They are a consortium of technocrats in the disciplines of Geology, Geohydrology, Remote Sensing/ Photo Geology, Geophysics, Soil and Rock Testing/ Analysis, Civil and Structural Engineering etc. The consortium forms a knowledge group of professional Consultants for Water Resources Investigation and Management, Sea Water Intrusion/ Coastal Salinity Control Studies using Advance Technologies in Geology, Geo-hydrology, Remote Sensing, Geo-physics and Engineering Geology. Following are some of the application area we have worked:

1. Geophysical Surveys for Ground Water, Locating Sub-Surface Leakages, Under ground Pipe Lines etc. Foundation Studies.
2. Foundation Treatment for Construction of Bridges/ Dams/ High Rise Buildings using Advance Technologies in Geology and Engineering Geology.
3. Surveys/studies for Environment Clearance of the project.
4. Geological Auditing Services of Mines etc.
5. Information tours of Geological heritage sites. Information on this is published on our web site from time to time.
6. We also provide field training in ground water related projects to Post Graduates/Ph.D. students for projects reports/thesis etc. The expert trainings introduced are:
a. Detecting Seawater Ingress in coastal Groundwaters / Aquifers through methods involving Hydrogeology, Geochemistry and Geophysics.
b. Conducting Pumping Tests for estmation of Aquifer Parameters/Well Parameters and its data analysis manually and with the use of computer programs.
c. Use of Remote Sensing for locating potential Groundwater Resource Areas.